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Finding Place through Art and Science: The Field Journals of Lyn Baldwin –


Stop the BLM’s Illegal Plans for the Checkerboard Roundup II – Comment by Friday April 22

by Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, WHFF – as published on Less than 2 years ago, the Bureau of Land Management illegally rounded up and removed 1273 wild hors…

Source: Stop the BLM’s Illegal Plans for the Checkerboard Roundup II – Comment by Friday April 22

Gotta Find a Home: Conversations with Street People – Kindle edition by Dennis Cardiff, Karen Silvestri. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @


Being homeless can happen to anyone. We are all subject to losing everything…literally overnight. An illness or loss of job makes most people prone to disaster within months or even weeks. Please, when you see someone on the streets, be kind.
Support your local shelters. Act in a caring way. Feed the homeless. Here at eARTh arts we have helped persons of no means find a way to regain a lifestyle worth living and a sense of value and self esteem. They often once again become productive members of society.
    All life is sacred.

Please read the above selection. It will be well worth your time and maybe help the perception problem in America.
  In 1975 the mental hospitals were emptied of the vast majority of thier patients. That is where all the street people came from all of a sudden.


First Scientific Proof Of God Found – WIT


The amazing fact is that we were created in and by love! No wonder we are so creative ourselves, and have a capacity to love beyond even our own understanding. The proof of our existence as a creation of God is written into our very genetic structure!
Read this and be amazed, for the very science invented by nonbelievers has wrought the proof of a loving, giving, and forgiving Creator!