Old Brain

An Old Brain

You lend considerable calm

Spare words so softly spoken

Hone rather than drone them

Relax minds to delve into secrets

Deepen understated understanding

Ancient sayings, phrases oft’ written

Repleat with songs of splendor repeated

Surrender can come to gently visit us

Brought to equalibrium are we

Again against those posts of memories

Another wave of emotion quells

Old brain takes over thought

Meditation feels God’s rules

With a breath will washes away

One planet…one people

Your human race is adrift in an endless universe, on a small blue planet. Earth and the human body have much in common. Mostly made of water we are more fragile than many would suspect. We need to encourage each other to create and protect the precious life so precarious here. Care being one thing we all need more of. To care for the environment as a whole. People and nature together in cooperation and love.
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