Some Business as Usual

Some Business as Usual

Rainshine mirrors up
Lightwaves double up
Reflections from pavement’s sheen
Bubbles up drops of gutter sludge
Gutteral savage cries echo around

Reminder of being behind, behind me
Click, click go those steep stilletos
Double time

Red she wears out so often bright
Red shoe diaries fail us often as not
Fail to tell the half of it in circles
Far more scandalous I would say…
Allows for imaginations to run away

Leave the best details out, pleased
Always to scorn those barbarians
The ones who never choose justly
Current power plays reverberate
Strained strains, Ol’ Angzine shine
We may possibly find a way tonight

Similies of redemption, eventually
To have survived thus far…
Meticulously, judiciously, barely

Weave gangly through this crowd
Old, homeless men are everywhere
Remember when we waged war
We used to be with them, one of…
The many standing, spitting curses

New lives can come; with a price

Higher than the sky there up above
For this one we had to give up;
Play dress-up professionally
Tell each gathered crowd, outloud
All the inside scoops of the day

At least one new whole truth
And drop a few freshly minted coins
A meager pittance, wee penance
Still leaves much to be desired
Here at ground-up & leveled

To crouch down to eye level
Meet one hopeful gaze, straight
Head on, unfalteringly sure
Extend a sincere invitation
Lift ’em upright, hold on tight
Give a hand, help execute a plan

For in a mere span of days
Everything can change
And may, with enough… Opportunities


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