eARTh Arts Center

History of the art school:

In about 1987 i joined a group who were developing a plan to establish an artist-in -residency colony in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park at a location where i grew up, Everett Village. My parents had owned the general store there and it was home.
    In the interim in founding eARTh art school we began to work with some of the agencies in Summit County to bring art to the park and integrate those with challanges into classes with the general population. Integration has come a long way since then though there is still much work to do.
  When Yellowstone National Park invited us to ckme to Montana i spent nearly two years in the Rockies and explored the options. There i found it behooved us to work more independantly until the curriculm was fully developed.
  Now here in Portage County there are many plans on the table and many projects in the wings as we continue to develop a new board, staff and connect with the agencies in multiple counties.
  Life as an Art Form can cross most barriers to bring people together and build stronger community. A.P.P.L.E. S. Art Promotes People & Learning through Environmental Studies as the original parent organization is still viable and we hope to better serve the public in the very near future.







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