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Just a note to let you know…if i did not seem to respond to a follow or the like, it is not because i have not tried! I have. Two things seem to getting in my way being more sociable. I live in a slightly remote rural area and have never gotten cable, as i am working on a novel and chose not to have it yet. (tv addiction) i also have many obligations to the people i help on a regular basis.


Also, i have been doing this all from my phone only and now it seems to have a bug or something…taking it back for “adjustment” again asap, so my apologies to any who might feel i’ve slighted them, inadvertantly! I have also noticed according to my limited view some content may be skewed or incomplete and i will make the adjustments accordingly, at my earliest opportunity. More to follow in the way of excuses.  b

One family…

In my research of history for a novel i have continued to study the human race and its inter-relatedness.
I was taught, while in Ireland, how we are all much more closely related than we realize. The more i study races, origins and families (clans) the more true this becomes. I have been amazed at the closeness of our ties to one another. As i continue to discover, and uncover the facts, i hope to be able to relaye them in a way easy to understand. We are complex, though, we need to uncomplicate the


essentials of living together peacefully. I believe.

We Think

I read some of the beautiful poetry on “thedawnerupts” blog and her sensitivity inspired me to write this:

She Thinks

Each word
Feels its weight
Balances meanings
Compares values
As ripe fruits at market
Asks of that which moves spirit
Writes to feed many souls
Not just her own
Rewrites, and, may edit
Scratches out mistakes
Even when there are none
Sees a readers smile
In her minds eye
Smiles to herself
Breathes soft sighs
Becomes satisfied
For the emotion
Becomes transferred
Trancends words


New Meditation

True Peace
(a meditation)

To keep peace
Just breathe in
Simply inhale
Exhale slowly

Air, oxygen
Spirit of love
Lighten body
And listen…

Really hear…
Music of the spheres

Worlds spin
We feel still
Quiet here
Inside us

Tranquil as water
Reflective pools
Calmly gaze upon
Guided by truth

Inside heart and mind
Find timeless peace

Know, then understand
Love is all around us
All encompassing…

Be totally surrounded
Just keep breathing
Feel peace fully


Addiction-The Disease Model

As my education is primarily in psychology and I work with addicts of all kinds on a daily basis: in person, over the phone; conversations, texts, social media etc… I find it is just as important to educate family and friends, ministers and doctors as it is the person who has ravaged thier life and the lives of others because of what really is a disease.
The problem is an obsessive/compulsive, passive/aggressive pattern of thinking which self-medication only worsens.
The solution is spiritual, though medicine and therapy can help in addition to a re-programming of negative thought patterns into positive ones.
It can take a long time, or can happen virtually overnight!
Art has proved to be very theraputic in its ability to direct the actions and derail the constant craving in the thought proccesses of any who truly want to recover.
To be able to help someone without enabling thier addiction ca be a tricky tightrope to walk at times. In Al-anon the idea of “detachment with love” is tantamount to being of assistance without being taken advantage of.
For the family to insist on the person to seek treatment and regularly attend 12 step meetings are things one can to to be supportive.
There is currently an epidemic of heroine and methamphetimine abuse not just in America, but many other countries…as well as widespread use of many other mind and mood altering substances, which needs be addressed.
Art therapy is widely used in rehabilitation centers, jails and prisons as well and is equally effective for victims of abuse.

New eARTh

Heaven on eARTh

When you have love, grace,
And forgiveness at heart
Then, give this all away
You have heaven on earth

When you give charitably
Selflessly, freely & sweetly
Best done anonimously,
You bring heaven to earth

When you are honestly true
Hopeful, faithful, and kindly
Trusting and trustworthy…
You are heavenly while earthly

When we replace you with we,
I, with, eyes to see more creatively
Fill empty space with community
A new heaven & earth are complete


Find me

You can also find me as beverly dawn bryant on face book and earthmuther on twitter (where i have natural remedies listed)


I will be adding a holistic remedy and alternative rx section soon.
It has worked well for me and i hope it will help you too. In the meantime, eat as naturally and organically as possible! I highly recommend “The
Green Pharmacy” by James Duke Ph.D. as the best book i know on herbal remedies.