Before work begins on any project to ask God for guidance is very helpful…then to stop and be still…clear the mind and listen to the inspiration: this is meditation…


A must
To listen
Clear of thought
Blank slate

Breathe in
Let go
Be appreciative
Holy Spirit
Enters in

Become One
Universal being
With one meaning
Only Love

Love comes
Through many forms
Opens any & every door

Lesson number one



The worst night mares that I had in my life was being sabotaged by family members starting from the parents who denied me since the day I was born and I gotten hurt by a number of surprised, extreme hatred and too much fright and the villainous and bias hate crimes that was done to me for several years to the point to where the so called mother and father deliberately brain washed me and they both misled me from the very start and the mother, they pulled me out of school from my kindergarten class and I was shift off to 949 W Huron and I found myself on my need all bend over while a male was on me behind me and that was very inappropriate touching and that happened in the grandmother’s home and this happened when I was taken out of my kindergarten class room and…

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