Fired Up


His fire melts this caustic ice
Makes frozen emotions flow
Wanton rivulets now merge
Meet in hidden valleys deep
We then flow continueously
The entire way to open sea

Heated volcanic action abides
Hard rock, heats, melts guided
Soon to cool in depths provided
Glaciers away, finds us all then
Slow painful death can now end

Just in time, found by True Love

In a steam rise to an open sky
As immense forest fires scorch
Cleanse paths of pasts torched
Rage gives way, thru each lurch
Safely passes by inferno’s burn

Pained scars heal, relinquished
Become smooth, lesson learned
Grant fires of Creation’s return
Intelligent liturgy a way gives
Meant to live on, be even more!

We see purposes clarify finally!
Newer islands of reason appear
Seem to float on surfaces near
Rock hard, & fresh foundations
Paid in advance, we have seen

Yes, there is just understanding
Inevitable love has conquered
Will becomes of divine nature
Will be a longer time yet come,
Than any of us have here now

On this lovely, lonely planet

This place of beautiful peace,
Beyond discontented others
Sense common sense fully
See into far better futures

No wasted space; occurances
Even in contemplation this is
Rather than condemnation…
Pray to be a wellspring also


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