When people say (as they so often do) ” I can’t even draw a straight line!” our response is this…”There aren’ t many straight lines in nature.”
  We feel it is far more important to enjoy the activity of being creative than the appearance (or sound) of the finished product. The first lesson in drawing is to intensely study the subject and draw it repeatedly to continue to study it.
  The success of a good painting may be in an accurate drawing, as in illustration, yet the best art is done freely and with conviction.
  To practice gives self assurance as the execution becomes more natural, an extension of the inner vision.
  To love the process rather than result is the main idea. To use your art as a means of more complete communication makes for better self expression.

When work is approached in frequency…color, shape, amount, material…the waveform of light, done to the movement of sound, miraculous events happen…


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