Lack of response?

Just a note to let you know…if i did not seem to respond to a follow or the like, it is not because i have not tried! I have. Two things seem to getting in my way being more sociable. I live in a slightly remote rural area and have never gotten cable, as i am working on a novel and chose not to have it yet. (tv addiction) i also have many obligations to the people i help on a regular basis.


Also, i have been doing this all from my phone only and now it seems to have a bug or something…taking it back for “adjustment” again asap, so my apologies to any who might feel i’ve slighted them, inadvertantly! I have also noticed according to my limited view some content may be skewed or incomplete and i will make the adjustments accordingly, at my earliest opportunity. More to follow in the way of excuses.  b


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