In to it
Fleeting thought
Paired with feeling
Strong emotion

As if one…
Just knows
Mere belief
Cosmic relief
Mental pictures

A few word
Strung together
Seems right

Lightened sense
There is more
More than this
Many, over seven
Senses we guess

Tabouli Salad: A Purifier

Tabouli Salad can help purify you!

When i have a cold, virus or other illness, one of the foods that helps in recovering more quickly is a healthy helping of Tabouli salad.
The parsley is a good blood purifier
As is onion.(good for the lungs also)
My friend Mark showed me how to make it authentically (his parents were from Greece) and i like to try new variations from time to time.
This is the easy way…

I box Middle-East Tabouli mix
(it has the mint already mixed in)
Prepare per instructions on box

1 cup chopped fresh tomatoes
1 c chopped onion
1 bunch fresh chopped parsley
Drizzle of olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon

Parsley is easy to grow and tends to be perenial if planted in a sheltered place, especially with southwest exposure. It does well in the ground or in pots.



Forgive me


Forgivness makes space
Opens up new places
Conscious calm contact
Exact of clear presence

Grace sings peacefully
An aria to edify content
Extends life itself, sends
All wanted to be, within

We have found we can
Have Truth understand
Bowed down first thing
Raised up differently

Only to simply see
We are all the same
Similar to one another
We yearn to be free


Health Basics

Optimize Strength!

One of the most important factors in a healthy diet is ti get enough protein Every Day! 
For meat eaters this is usually not a problem. They are usually the ones who need to be sure they get enough vegetables and fruits.
Vegetarians on the other hand must make a special effort to get the protein needed daily for good maintenance of muscle tissue. A diet rich in a variety of
beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, and tofu, and hummus (made from garbanzo beans) are the norm for sustinence high in protein. Those who are vegan must subsist and rely on this…the vegetable sources of protein, daily! As some of us work our way closer to a more vegetarian diet for good heart and vascular health it is important to find the variety widened in order to be stronger and healthier. For the ability to have endurance and optimum energy these are essential; B-vitamins and enough protein. We don’t want to over do protein either!

Another must is calcium for strong teeth and bones, to regulate the heart rate and build strong tissue too!
Enough milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt etc…works for us who indulge in dairy.
Those who prefer veganism must know kelp, kale and other dark greens have many of the minerals need for a strong ‘framework’ for the human body.
As i grew older it became neccesary to add certain supplements, to vet enough daily.
Calcium, magnesium and zinc together helps to assimilate the calcium and is very good for the nerves. Often, if taken at night, it will help stabilize sleep patterns as well.


Woodland Love

In the Woods

Forest primevil
Tall trees untouched
Beg to be hugged
Majestic in height
Limbs spread
In supplication
Hide from blue sky
In quiet prayer

Fairie folke
Yea live here
Merely faint paths
From runs of herds
Gentle deer
Doe eyed pause
Bucks snort surprise
Fawn bleats pittifully
Paw the path deep

Cool in shade
Ferned glade
Mottled sunbeams
Filtered by trees
Woods unaltered
A holy place
Here, love reigns

And in this perfection
Peacefullness found
As mists rise warm
Full growth all around
Scent of mosses
Green and soft
Velvet cushions
To lightest touch

Etherial feel
Shimmers air
Heavens collision
Ruffles leaves
Rustled undergrowth
Belies, amazed by
An abundance of life


Holistic Health

Vibrant Health Realized

Here is a list of “superfoods” with some reasons for thier extreme health benefits. To incorpoate as wide a variety of fresh vegetables into ones diet is to optimize your health.

Avocado is very good for the skin and can help with skin disorders!

Bananas make the brain work efficiently. Potassium is the reason.

Blueberries, cranberries, and any berry, for the more intense the color the higher the nutrient content.

Broccoli is high in many nutrients

Cauliflower is another of the healthiest foods there is.

Brussel sprouts and any dark green leafy veggie like kale will optimize life.

Spinich is also high in potassium and B-vitamins which assist the cells to release energy…good fiber as well!

Cabbage is also one of these top contenders to keep you healthy and strong.

Eat live food to help you stay alive!


One Word

With One Word

Who knows this
The power of the word
To give life with one yes
The potential of death
With a single no
One little lie…
Someone dies

And what if it were to work
Visa versa…the opposite
One yes to create death
Only one no to expound

So how do we know
The way to say…truth
Give an honest answer
Never withold all the facts
Contemplate, then say
What may at best bring the…
Lesser of two evils
For there are many difficult choices
Each of us weilds great power
Just in our words
The power of the voice

From a mother’s mouth out loud
In a father’s silence at hand
Long unforseen these
Circumstances if circumspection
The inner voice with inner light
Shines from the eye today, tonight

A speaker so sincere, with gentle, lilting tongue appears on the scene
Silvered rather than slivered
We hope to speak only truth
Admit even misgivings
In a total spirit of only love
Divine in time, an honored tradition
Set awrye can find in another time
Complete admittance rather than

We create each our own ration
Existential new beginnings
Break free of past patterns
Set better examples for youth

Illumination in evaluation
And still the one word best…
Is love, followed by like action