One Word

With One Word

Who knows this
The power of the word
To give life with one yes
The potential of death
With a single no
One little lie…
Someone dies

And what if it were to work
Visa versa…the opposite
One yes to create death
Only one no to expound

So how do we know
The way to say…truth
Give an honest answer
Never withold all the facts
Contemplate, then say
What may at best bring the…
Lesser of two evils
For there are many difficult choices
Each of us weilds great power
Just in our words
The power of the voice

From a mother’s mouth out loud
In a father’s silence at hand
Long unforseen these
Circumstances if circumspection
The inner voice with inner light
Shines from the eye today, tonight

A speaker so sincere, with gentle, lilting tongue appears on the scene
Silvered rather than slivered
We hope to speak only truth
Admit even misgivings
In a total spirit of only love
Divine in time, an honored tradition
Set awrye can find in another time
Complete admittance rather than

We create each our own ration
Existential new beginnings
Break free of past patterns
Set better examples for youth

Illumination in evaluation
And still the one word best…
Is love, followed by like action



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