Health Basics

Optimize Strength!

One of the most important factors in a healthy diet is ti get enough protein Every Day! 
For meat eaters this is usually not a problem. They are usually the ones who need to be sure they get enough vegetables and fruits.
Vegetarians on the other hand must make a special effort to get the protein needed daily for good maintenance of muscle tissue. A diet rich in a variety of
beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, and tofu, and hummus (made from garbanzo beans) are the norm for sustinence high in protein. Those who are vegan must subsist and rely on this…the vegetable sources of protein, daily! As some of us work our way closer to a more vegetarian diet for good heart and vascular health it is important to find the variety widened in order to be stronger and healthier. For the ability to have endurance and optimum energy these are essential; B-vitamins and enough protein. We don’t want to over do protein either!

Another must is calcium for strong teeth and bones, to regulate the heart rate and build strong tissue too!
Enough milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt etc…works for us who indulge in dairy.
Those who prefer veganism must know kelp, kale and other dark greens have many of the minerals need for a strong ‘framework’ for the human body.
As i grew older it became neccesary to add certain supplements, to vet enough daily.
Calcium, magnesium and zinc together helps to assimilate the calcium and is very good for the nerves. Often, if taken at night, it will help stabilize sleep patterns as well.



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