Woodland Love

In the Woods

Forest primevil
Tall trees untouched
Beg to be hugged
Majestic in height
Limbs spread
In supplication
Hide from blue sky
In quiet prayer

Fairie folke
Yea live here
Merely faint paths
From runs of herds
Gentle deer
Doe eyed pause
Bucks snort surprise
Fawn bleats pittifully
Paw the path deep

Cool in shade
Ferned glade
Mottled sunbeams
Filtered by trees
Woods unaltered
A holy place
Here, love reigns

And in this perfection
Peacefullness found
As mists rise warm
Full growth all around
Scent of mosses
Green and soft
Velvet cushions
To lightest touch

Etherial feel
Shimmers air
Heavens collision
Ruffles leaves
Rustled undergrowth
Belies, amazed by
An abundance of life



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