Put me not
  in the middle
For to meddle
  with this mess
All this drama
  and unrest
Destroys most
Need be of more

If you bring now
  to table laid bare
Disharmony, grief
  must it be?
Is my task
To be ignored
  or, listened to?
Calm resolve
  must begin…
In your own heart,
  change your mind

And you can ask
  of the same source
as i, as any can
  The One that supplies
your every need…
   Right answers
Circumvent all;
  Any dastardly plan
Find resolution
  in a convolution
Rather than revolution
  Swirl through them
As any vagrant’s insight
  Does enlighten anyone

Then we shall see it through
  A particular path strewn
With both thorns,
  and a rose or two
Solutions appear
  As miracles clear
Commonly seen by most
  As commonplace



Give first, to get more!
  First of all…give it up
And then, write it down