Painting for Lily


When about half done I realized this will also make a nice illustration for the frog prince story. For now it will hang in baby Lily’s room. It was done to match her layette and the design motiff my son and daughter-in-law chose for her. Both the room and this painting are almost done. There are several mediums used. Watercolor, oils, oil pastels, and many layers of gouache, to name a few. It has taken about a month to get it to this point by working on it about an hour a day.


Both Poles


To Be Bi-Polar

Spherical as the earth
Mindset continues spin…
Even when centered
These blue thoughts
Gray brain convaluted
Races to a mark ahead
Win in every goal set

Thoughts are things
I believe…to create
Game enough today
Give it a go; ahead
Do something useful
Turn it all beautiful
Erase some ugliness

Any and all precribed
Liasons, medicine
Education focused
Plus another dimension
Excercises even in…
Futile lust; lost luster
Can be remembered thus

Does’t thou think me mad?
Hardly so, for I have had-
An epiphany of gladness
Gratitude to bolster better….
Memories most unsolicited
Graciously, openly bagged
Completedness austure

Counted blessings
As Scrooge did coins
When taken for love
And wild rides enough
Coined phrases freely
Given more in return
Every time learned

Came nay so easily
As any would think
For when on the brink
Of total insanity…
Dropped, in the drink

Felt it out over again
More heavenly than bane
Revealed rather than reveled
More maniacly high
Than inconceivably
Known one thing only
We are never left alone

Inexpensive knowledge
Grown in: best place up
An open-hearted mind
Incubated roundly so
Fall to understand tho…
Weakness has demands
Placed in strengths
Best surrounded


We are all works in progress…
Unfinished, unfettered
And at the core, more
For in the middle
Of the centerfuge
Peace can reign
Rather than rage

Supremely whole


New Granny


I said I wanted little Lily to call me Granny since that is what I called mine. My friend Diana said she will call me what she wants to.
This was one of the “rules” for my step children. They could call me whatever they wanted as long as it was something nice!
I also like granny because it reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies. I will be making remedies using herbs and roots and people may find this strange. I laugh because medicine came from this same ancient knowledge. When I spoke of Granny at the hospital, one of the nurses in the neonatal unit said, “Oh, you don’t look like her.” My reply?
“Don’t worry, I will.” Dr. Granny made us all laugh back in the seventies.
I hope this grandaughter will have fun in the garden with us and like to play in the dirt. I know her mom and dad do.