Speak Out


In remains
Pieced together

Particular participles
As, twelve disciples…
Fled that sordid scene
May we be more brave


And I would
Speak out now
So very much,
Soon enough

With any little given

Flagrantly admit
Depth of descent
Antonyms amassed
Of an ancient story

Anatomy lessons
Well spent…then
For very fine guises
Apply today to you

Only in reparation
Of reputations

Although, this: here
Constant aspiration
Conspires to undo
Contemplates more

Admiration becomes
Seductions reduction

In all ways amends
Conflicts of reason(s)
Amid amiable faces
A muse of amusement

In hilarity reprized

Judge not even self
Lest less be sighted
Guarantees can expire
Posture pure poets posh

Into postponement?

Right moments are
Must be made current
Forget this prudence
Blurt out emotions…only…

Gently relinquish

And with pause
Say just, the words
Of necessity: Truth
Once heartfelt search



What do we really have to lose?


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