Another search
Over all the earth
Only to find
A simple sillouette
She seemed to have…
Dropped off the face of it
He is a stranger to all

Once again onion skin
Paper thin, crinkled
And here in each drawer
Every cluttered closet
Pictures closest to heart
Brought to light
Only fades in…
Sun’s destruction

Luridly lingers
Fresh reminders
Wishful thoughts
Loll droly
Rumbles, then…
As thunder begins
From vibrant centers
Of hearts desire
Finally dissipates
Minutes after lightning

These memories
Grasped to release
Moments beleaguered
Someone else’s son
Another’s daughter
Slides smooth
To precariousness
Edges rattled
Then crumbled
       As previously
Slashed, sanguine grin
Then…to stare wide – eyed
Gazes met in fresh mindset

Anger once felt turns
Returns to burn away
Melts permanently
Any guilt can fly
Away without a trace
Tho’ we continue
To this saved trace
Of loved
In mind’s eye

In love with the Earth, in love with myself

Minds filled with peace learn more love…

Earth Holding Sangha

Recently I have been reading “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman, which is a great deep looking exercise into our human superiority complex. What touched me initially was the description off how Manhattan would change and be taken over by animals and plants if people one day were not around. It is clear how much time and energy we as humans invest in our buildings and infrastructures and maintaining them for nature not to take over. This morning a group of us were cleaning in the storage area of Solidity Hamlet and the strength of the coyote brush shooting out of of the ground is inspiring in this hot and dry environment. This helps me look into our planet with more open eyes, remembering that everything we have comes from nature, from where else? The other side of the coin though is that what we throw away doesn’t…

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As of yet
Should we be stirred
By any other brought
Mere human beings
Some bring myrhh
Others add frankincense
Slough off gold, and more
Diamonds and diadems
In roughly tumbled places
Slather on stored lamp oil
Allow wormwood to burn
Cleanse a petrified soul
Purify annointed spirit
Prepare to let go bodily
Wake up slumbered giants
Retrograded in disappointments
Released in tainted tatters
Collect up new appointments
Expend them in wisdom
Last; to laugh lustily
At least once more
Filled to the very brim
With borrowed elements
And make any time left

To my brother…Clifford
We will dance again…!

My Soul was Caught in Morning

Learn to smile…more!

Wuji Seshat


My soul accused me
Of a diamond tongue
That but only lingered

Between the royal stars
All else accused me
And thus I learned to smile –
A finger lifted of spirit
As clear as enamelled Fire

With wings of supernova
Carrying birth with light speed
And leaving a mark of poetry
For the absolute disdain of time.

Photography Courtesy:

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This is one of my first landscapes on canvas…done in miniature.
Only 4″× 6″  it was quick and inexpensive to paint. A nice way to start and since there are so many mediums to choose from…a fine way to continue to practice and hone ones skills.
  My artist friend Paula does even smaller paintings of far more detailed landscape and specializes in miniatures for sale in galleries.

These amazing snowflake designs I just found yesterday and will have to get back with you as to the artist.



Incredibly Artful


Fancy this…
Incredulous delicacy
Infiltrates infusions
Poetic plunder
Pleases plentifully
Pledge a single oath
Solemnly swear it
One possibility only
Today, to plot a new course
Scream out a scheme
Rendered from fond dreams
See prophetically
Make propositions
Of the truest sort

Toward twilight
Activate yet another
Burning desire
Over the rainbow
Cross this zenith
And anticipate
Another approach
Whirl on multiple axial centers
Find pure gratification

Act then…
Be effortlessly free
Wildly fanciful
       Even if set apart
Tempestuously tempt us
Extract agreement from me
Sufficiently treasured
We all achieve more
At a higher rate
Of learning
Through devotion
        I wish this:

Of inspiration!