Another search
Over all the earth
Only to find
A simple sillouette
She seemed to have…
Dropped off the face of it
He is a stranger to all

Once again onion skin
Paper thin, crinkled
And here in each drawer
Every cluttered closet
Pictures closest to heart
Brought to light
Only fades in…
Sun’s destruction

Luridly lingers
Fresh reminders
Wishful thoughts
Loll droly
Rumbles, then…
As thunder begins
From vibrant centers
Of hearts desire
Finally dissipates
Minutes after lightning

These memories
Grasped to release
Moments beleaguered
Someone else’s son
Another’s daughter
Slides smooth
To precariousness
Edges rattled
Then crumbled
       As previously
Slashed, sanguine grin
Then…to stare wide – eyed
Gazes met in fresh mindset

Anger once felt turns
Returns to burn away
Melts permanently
Any guilt can fly
Away without a trace
Tho’ we continue
To this saved trace
Of loved
In mind’s eye


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