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Be the you you dream of…


Growing Up Free: Inspiring a Love of Nature – Nature and Environment – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Spending time outdoors can be one of the most important aspect of any life…be wild and free for awhile every chance you get…worked for me growing up and saved me many times since.
Mother nature taught me to be still and hear the voice of God.  

image And in the
stillness there is peace of mind…

Fifty Things Every College Girl Should Know

Stay in school…


New friendships, old friendships, rude boys, cute boys, bad hair day, bad decisions, good grades and a good cry. Little things like that are learning experiences and can truly help you learn who you are. 

  1. First Impressions are never forgotten. So make it count.
  2. Go to class and take notes. Nobody likes an unmotivated girl. 
  3. Taco Bell at 2 am won’t kill you. 
  4. Just because you are away from your parents doesn’t mean the still can’t find things out.
  5. Go easy with the perfume because chances are every other girls is going to have some on too. 
  6. Regardless if you know her or not, help her out if she has had to much to drink. 
  7. Leggings are pants, but they don’t work for every occasion. 
  8. Save you hair bows for functions or mixers. Do not wear them everyday, you are 20 not 5. 
  9. If you have to study on the…

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Simply Human


If I point my finger
In another’s direction
Would this help anything
Would it, could it aid in…
A search for myself
Our search for God
Any journey to more

Should I find fault
In another, do I not…
Deny my very own
Relinquish ability
To feel, have mercy
Empathy intense

Would it place denial
In the middle, between
Our right to become
Right then; to be more
More of all we are
More truly meant to be

Right here, right now
Choose freely
Be free to choose
Freedom from injustice
Free of judgement

I have no idea
Of whom another
Thinks I am
I barely know…
Anything about