The unexamined life

The Rivendale Review

blake-newtonI understand that not everyone is interested in enquiring into the nature of things, but what concerns me of late is the denigration of those who do. I’m not talking about intellectuals whose job it is to make professional enquiries into this or that, but ordinary souls who are simply interested in stuff. Being of an enquiring mind myself, I find this denigration is itself interesting and perhaps even culturally significant.

For a while now I’ve been asking the question: are interests are dying? And by interests I mean simply: hobbies. At a job interview nearly forty years ago, one of the first questions I was asked was: What are your interests? Back then it would have been photography, cycling, shooting, Origami, making Airfix kits, making balsa-wood aeroplanes, slot car racing, Judo, drawing, reading – to name but a few. None of these things had anything to do with the…

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