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What ship sails into a storm tossed midnight set to seek her way to safe haven of another shore…ac… –


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I believe…


Give me Dome.

Sean Hunter Williams

Domes, a fringe trend in architecture. In the end they all look pretty similar, but how one makes a dome varies. I got interested in building domes recently and I stumbled on a couple different methods. The first one is possibly the cheapest. After a coil-pot construction, the bags are then covered with adobe.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… Domes are funny looking. Personally I would avoid any kind of porthole like shapes on my dome and stick to classical windows, but to each their own, neh?

The second one I found was a Japanese company called International Dome Houses Ltd. The link here takes you to the introductory movies explaining how the process works, complete with Japanese school girl tour guide and jazzy advertising music. Love it! I got to give it to them, they made domes pretty fashionable and streamline, but these domes start at around $30,000…

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Falling Water


  Spring in the Tetons was my inspiration for this…my first painting in probably seven months. Although there are some finishing touches still needed, it was laid out in about an hour, just this morning.
  I often think of the beauty of the mountains and really miss living there. We have a strong desire to make a roadtrip back to Idaho, Wyoming and Montana and to go on to the west coast as soon as possible.
   In the meantime I will reminisce.
This painting is on canvas and includes oils, acrylics and gouache.


Wuji Seshat


Silence has no plan, it is attentively
Not rigorously executed
It is the presence between history
And the future, the listening
Without any formal absence
Only, the part of not giving in
To the impulse of the moment
Silence can bridge offensive acts
Time the breaker of bad-will
Silence is neutral, transparent, unrelenting
In her execution of healing
Her willingness to give up
The inadequacy of words, analysis, division
We all begin and end in silence.

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