(For We Know Silence Already)

Wuji Seshat


You tell me that silence
Is closer to God, than poetry
Who am I to disagree –
The best words have always been inner
Like empathy, breathless & unsaid
You tell me that silence
Is nearer to your heart than your writing
Though you write from a truer
Place than I do, I can feel
The peace in your few aching words
But I can bring your silence
It’s built in my calm, my meditation
Before I had a voice, a body, a life
I was a gift of silence, unborn –
You hand my poems back to me
With a slow smile and I retreat
Back into the silence of our
Shared understanding, it’s sweeter
There, than before – when all
I was, were poems strewn across the floor.

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An Interview with an Artist ~ Blue Ridge Poet and Painter Nancy Maxson

Lovely presentation

St Brigid Press

Copyright Nancy Maxson. All rights reserved.Copyright Nancy Maxson. All rights reserved.


PODCASTS from the PRESS: Volume One

“Poetic Invitations to the Present:

An Interview with Blue Ridge Poet and Painter Nancy Maxson”

Having just had the pleasure of publishing her second collection of haiku, we recently sat down with painter and poet Nancy Maxson to find out more about her art and her inspiration. We had a delightful time wandering in the fields of creativity and humor, beauty and the natural world. We invite you to listen in with us via the podcast, or read the transcript below (illuminated with images of Maxson’s watercolors and excerpts of her haiku), as Maxson shares about artistry and life in the present moment.

All best,

St Brigid Press

LISTEN to the PODCAST conducted on October 23rd, 2013, at St Brigid Press (about 14 minutes, in mp3 format) ~

READ the TRANSCRIPT of audio recording (edited for clarity)…

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25 things i want my son to know

Mommy OM


I am writing this post for my son.  He is only three years-old, but he is growing so fast.  Much of what I wrote to my daughter in the 25 Things I want My Daughter to Know post also applies to him.  I wish them both the innocence of their childhood, the ability to laugh at themselves, a spiritual connection with God, and the desire to see the world.  That being said, here goes:

1. When I look at you I see my heart.

I never imagined I had this much love to give until I had a baby.  I never thought I could possibly have any more to give until I had you. You have taught me that my heart and my capacity to love is not fixed, it grows and grows and grows.

2. It’s okay to let go of your penis.  It’s not going anywhere.


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25 things i want my daughter to know

Mommy OM

I love my kids so much.  There isn’t one thing in this world I will not do for them.  I will kiss their boo boo’s and wipe their tears.  I will help them get dressed, teach them to do their chores, and feed them healthy foods.  Lay with them at night, read to them, and sing silly songs.  I will protect them and fight for them and give up my life for them.  As they grow, I know it will only get harder to keep them inside my cozy little rainbow-filled bubble of happiness.  Since Ella started kindergarten this year and I can already feel her slipping outside my bubble, I’ve devised a list of things I want her to know as she begins her journey to independence:

1. Enjoy the innocence of your childhood.

In a world full of superficial values, peer pressure, and bullying, as well as a…

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