Learn Love

All of these lessons presented
All of our entire lives long…
Are to teach us, each one
One and only one thing only

The way to love each other more

How to let go-live to the core
Move from being broken up
To remain constant and whole
Begin to see something sweeter

A gain not necessarily material

From all the strife of life, escape
While we rescue another ready
To pass on the favor given up
Be a hero or heroine in spirit

Pain filled goodbyes must instruct
All of us to remain intact, complete
Within this simple knowledge…
It will get better…this to shall pass

Appreciate others for themselves
Just who they are in their journey
Love those all around you now
Apply the premise of only love

Fearlessly, fully
Tenderly, today



Art promotes people and learning through environmental studies…
Each of us can be a positive influence in our part of being in the environment of earth as we continue to spin…through the galaxy…in a multitude of universes.
We can each do our best to see the big picture. That is what makes us better drivers.



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