Over Lent


Over Lent

Crawls a chimera of light
Shows bright to soon fall
As lava flows over edges
Liquid trails sequestered

Riven tidal waves woven
To be removed, then again
Cooled through branches
Tangled, tries to hide soon

Crown of golden arcs turn
Oranges firstly, deliciously
Said on tapestries woven
Strong scarlet’s glow inlaid

Escapes squandered then
To russet reds into sienna
Rich facade bidden, hidden
Slips away again yet, felt

Felted through midnights
A sultry swaile lingers on
Sways of trees recharged
Upon a first light of dawn

Daybreak brings rose’s rise
Fuchias return to mere pink
Then peach beseeches us
For another gold glow, arise

Shine on melds of colours
Dwindle then, if you must
When can one catch & hold
Any moment still…to stay

How to memorize hypnotic
Arches a light against night
Carnality of carnelian hues
Soothes us more, together

Let love & lust bolster one
From every somber mood
When seperated unjustly
Move to wonderous place

Calmly warmed thoughts
As excitedly a world turns
Satisfied the earth is right
Wholely filled in brilliance

Unequaled before & after
Most every special eve…
And each night as it is
Is just as all should be

With any morning to come
Blessing beyond obscurity
Fortunate to breathe fresh
And walk to see a sun rise

Of themselves they are…
Unequaled to a reflection
Peaceful dreams of others
On clouds of many colours



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