Full Face



Moments before sunrise,
not long before dawn
a new day truely began
as this journey started fresh
in totally crisp, cold air
with white backdrop of snow
looked up to see the source
of this brilliant light’s glow
fully whole moon shone
through tops of stripped trees
naked branches stark revealed
this face once partially obscurred
as wispy tattered clouds pass
shadows left, then disappeared
came to light in lingering night
smiled a face so gleefully at me
shines just as an angel would
to guide a sure path to heaven
saint or sinner mattered never
darkness lifted, inconsequential
for God has said He gave this light
to show all mankind through any darkest night we must traverse
the face seen, a babe so sweet
innocent, round face
Face of infant Jesus
Christmas week fast approached
Gave thanks for so many gifts
gifts given from pure grace alone
spread joy, love, laughter
ever more by morning’s star
help feed the hungry, clothe the poor
assist anyone less fortunate than us

fully whole



This song came to me this morning…

Orange Blossom Honey

Yes I am home once more
Back in the fold now…some
Never alone yet lonely still
Almost the same as before

Except for being lonely for him

I remember his eyes true blue
Crying in a heavy downpour
Seems as if just last night
He had grabbed my heart

My everlovin’ broken heart

Had grabbed my hand at last
Only springtime last was clear
Said “Let’s run away together!
And stay together always,forever!”

He led me through a wilderness
To a pretty cabin in the forest
Far into piney woods so deep
On a mountain steep, his to keep

His eyes, have honestly outshown
Any other light I have ever known
His taste, orange blossom honey
Sweet and so completely lasting

Loved me ’til all strength was gone
Only weakness left in us both
When we became most vulnerable
Daddy burst in through his door

With a fully loaded rifle…

Said “My daughter is too young
To be here with you stranger,
To me you’re just some stranger!”
To both of us threatened danger

Loaded me up to take on down
Down to my momma’s valley
Only memories remain of him
He never came around again

To float in this zone beyond
Beyond his love, in desperation
Tho’ this reminder suits me well
Baby to be born any day now

I hope his child looks like him
And still I remember this…
Orange blossom honey
To go with Sassafrass tea

Frog Prince


I have a book in progress with a working title “Did You Really Kiss Him?”
So far it seems to be a story that might appeal to pre-teens…we will see.
The other day my friend Steph and I were sitting on her front porch discussing the last “frog-prince”  encountered. She spotted this tiny tree frog perched right in front of us on the Hostas, and i got these pictures.
I told her about how this was only the second time I had actually seen one. The first time is a story in itself. (Which I will add later)
My question is this…”How many frogs does a girl have to kiss before one turns into a prince?”
Hope someone knows the answer to this and can clue me in since I sure don’t have any idea!



Hummingbird Moth


Hummingbird moth
In a guise of tiny bird
Masscarade in nature
Lacy wings reverberate

Night creature ventures
Into sunlit garden sweet
Bergamot a favorite treat
Feeds alongside the bees

Close proximity honors me
Touch of wing upon an arm
Softly fuzzy flutters raised
Silken feathered angel gaze

Antenna sense in vibrancy
Tiny tongue outstretched…
Feeds in flight’s quick life
Simple pleasure quite divine

Mentor and a muse


We are all students. And we are all teachers. To have mentors and muses is essential to growth. To be a mentor can be one of the most fullfilling experiences there is. To be a muse is to allow another into your inner world long enough to allow them to learn the art of the way you live, the spiritual connection of life. Your open mindedness and willingness to be of service can give hope, and fire the imagination of others. This is the imperitive if we are to change the world and life here on earth!
We can learn beautiful lessons from children in the simplicity of their delight and wonder. The eagerness and enthusiasm can be contagious.    We can also help to teach them the skills it takes to live successfully. Our experience is essential in assisting others to avoid mistakes ahead of time just as it is important in lovingly instructing another in a very good way to accomplish a task.
  Then we must let go to allow them to find thier own special way to execute this, thier own creative expression.


Our parents and siblings, friends and relations, along with all those teachers, ministers, instructors and professors who patiently guide us…
I honor and commend you and am glad to say, to always be on the ‘lookout’ for more fabulous examples is exciting in its scope!




We spar in
Sparse quarters
Just this strip
We parry…
Riposte a bit
Begin a slash
Only to dash back
No retreat
Only play
We love this
A game of skill
With permission
To “kill” still
Past lives

To emerge
On this…
The killing floor
Lunge and stretch
Give more effort
Prepare fully
Plans of attack

Demands physicality
Extreme attention
Postion cutover
Slice to the side
Nowhere to hide
Lateral move
Only to prove
Who is  best
In this tournament