Incredibly Artful


Fancy this…
Incredulous delicacy
Infiltrates infusions
Poetic plunder
Pleases plentifully
Pledge a single oath
Solemnly swear it
One possibility only
Today, to plot a new course
Scream out a scheme
Rendered from fond dreams
See prophetically
Make propositions
Of the truest sort

Toward twilight
Activate yet another
Burning desire
Over the rainbow
Cross this zenith
And anticipate
Another approach
Whirl on multiple axial centers
Find pure gratification

Act then…
Be effortlessly free
Wildly fanciful
       Even if set apart
Tempestuously tempt us
Extract agreement from me
Sufficiently treasured
We all achieve more
At a higher rate
Of learning
Through devotion
        I wish this:

Of inspiration!

Full Face



Moments before sunrise,
not long before dawn
a new day truely began
as this journey started fresh
in totally crisp, cold air
with white backdrop of snow
looked up to see the source
of this brilliant light’s glow
fully whole moon shone
through tops of stripped trees
naked branches stark revealed
this face once partially obscurred
as wispy tattered clouds pass
shadows left, then disappeared
came to light in lingering night
smiled a face so gleefully at me
shines just as an angel would
to guide a sure path to heaven
saint or sinner mattered never
darkness lifted, inconsequential
for God has said He gave this light
to show all mankind through any darkest night we must traverse
the face seen, a babe so sweet
innocent, round face
Face of infant Jesus
Christmas week fast approached
Gave thanks for so many gifts
gifts given from pure grace alone
spread joy, love, laughter
ever more by morning’s star
help feed the hungry, clothe the poor
assist anyone less fortunate than us

fully whole



This song came to me this morning…

Orange Blossom Honey

Yes I am home once more
Back in the fold now…some
Never alone yet lonely still
Almost the same as before

Except for being lonely for him

I remember his eyes true blue
Crying in a heavy downpour
Seems as if just last night
He had grabbed my heart

My everlovin’ broken heart

Had grabbed my hand at last
Only springtime last was clear
Said “Let’s run away together!
And stay together always,forever!”

He led me through a wilderness
To a pretty cabin in the forest
Far into piney woods so deep
On a mountain steep, his to keep

His eyes, have honestly outshown
Any other light I have ever known
His taste, orange blossom honey
Sweet and so completely lasting

Loved me ’til all strength was gone
Only weakness left in us both
When we became most vulnerable
Daddy burst in through his door

With a fully loaded rifle…

Said “My daughter is too young
To be here with you stranger,
To me you’re just some stranger!”
To both of us threatened danger

Loaded me up to take on down
Down to my momma’s valley
Only memories remain of him
He never came around again

To float in this zone beyond
Beyond his love, in desperation
Tho’ this reminder suits me well
Baby to be born any day now

I hope his child looks like him
And still I remember this…
Orange blossom honey
To go with Sassafrass tea

Psychology of Color

Color Emotion

We definitely feel different emotions when we perceive various colors.
The frequencies emitted from the shade or hue observed can leave a lasting impression on us.
  We each have colors that ‘move’ us. We like, or even love, some more than others. It is a very real emotional response; if not an exact science. The psychology of color is well documented already.
These are just a few examples:
Red…yes, red does evoke several strong reactions from most of us!
Passion, and even anger can be strirred in the sensitive soul by many of the various shades of red we find in our every day life. It can be a good color to paint at least one wall in a bedroom to elicit a more active love life, so says my sister Bridget who is a very successful Florida interior decorator. The high energy given off by a bright red is vibrant! Who has not reacted to the bright candy apple red of a sports car on occasion?
Blue can be as calming as water itself. It can be dark and contemplative, or pale and serene. Each shade, hue, and value has its own ‘language’ and can speak in volumes. A royal color to add to any pallette of paint, fabric, or accessory.
Yellow, so bright and cheerful, is an appealing color to bring more light into a room, a dish, or a wardrobe/ensemble. It can ‘talk’ to us in an uplifting voice to say the way this day is made to be rejoiced!
These are merely the primary colors and when you add them together to make millions of various tones of purple, green, orange and more; you get an idea of the variety of emotions we humans are capable of feeling…hundreds if not thousands of combinations to play with and consider.
Have fun with it! This thing called color can be a real joy!


Create your space so as to love it!



By the way…this home was unlivable two years ago so it was purchased for a song…only a fraction of its true value and all the hard work has certainly been worth it. I love the beach so i have used a theme of ‘shabby chic’ and the colors to correspond with this.

Wood Carvers


The Carvers

Sit quietly, contemplate; before solitary work begins
Earnestly find truthful studies, subjects learned of
See the flow, ways grains grow in each piece offered
Any tree, once alive, though its sap has quelled and dried…
Gains a new chance, some formed function in conjuntion with life

Begin by removal of all excess, slivers shaved away
Uncover all housed under; beneath blocks or slabs
Sticks chosen have figures hidden under surfaces
Release the secret suns, stars to shine, new moons
Feathered birds appear to fly high when made right

Smoothed surfaces decorated, painted and stained
Carved detail etched, extemporous shards whittled
Away with any mess, you bet; so others see clearly
Beauty is created here for anothers enjoyment also
Excitement grows, pride may swell, work done well

God helps creativity escape from our fingers freed
Weathered hands, yea, tell stories silently: a creed
Blessed, become more well known, through a need
Gab and laugh while we share experiences in deed
Lifetimes multiplied through company others lead

Sharp knives shape lives, cut into depths of wood
Aged flesh and bone begin to sing that spoken of
Stone sharpens awls, tools make grooves, lighten
Forms break through to enlighten ever more often
Experiences given, shared; repeats so many lessons
Learned as written, told in person, willing to listen
For better to hear, see, and feel together, revelation


Eli’s Farm

Latest painting
Eli’s Farm


This painting will be the beginning of another blog/web site one of my proffessors from Kent State has encouraged me to do.
Vanishing Barns is a subject close to our hearts.
These big old farm barns are swiftly going by the wayside for many reasons. Age, time, weather, development, and simply the huge expense to keep them from falling in.


This photo is of a barn belonging to a friend. Ruston has painted a variety of his heros and we met him when we stopped to look.