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Can You Imagine The Next 100 Years

Can You Imagine The Next 100 Years


The past 100 years have wrought amazing changes. They are mindbending in thier scope!
In the next phase we have the ability to do anything. Imagine the possibilities and contribute some refreshing ideas. Always glad to hear from readers and read all they write!
The pen is mightier than the sword. Will we end war? Make world peace. Feed the hungry and starving completely? Find cures for cancer and many other human ills? I believe we can clean up this messy planet and help all humans to realize thier dream of being thier best selves. I believe we are already on our way to all of this and more! When we all do all we can to contribute; take little less than we give: marvelous happenings are in store! Miracles occur every day. Why not allow some miracles to happen for you?

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Ford 1910I’m unlikely to live for 100 years but even in my short 75 years I have seen immense changes. Who could have imagined the internet, flat screen TV’s, Satellites,Iphones and the list goes on and on. Can you even begin to imagine what the next hundred years will bring. Perhaps we don’t want to know?????. Here are a few things to ponder on this Stormy Sunday morning.                      The Car is 1910 Ford.

Here are some statistics for the Year 1910:
The average life expectancy for men was 47 years.
Fuel for this car was sold in drug stores only.
Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub.
Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.
There were only 8,000 cars and only 144 miles of paved roads.
The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.
The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower…

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Incredibly Artful


Fancy this…
Incredulous delicacy
Infiltrates infusions
Poetic plunder
Pleases plentifully
Pledge a single oath
Solemnly swear it
One possibility only
Today, to plot a new course
Scream out a scheme
Rendered from fond dreams
See prophetically
Make propositions
Of the truest sort

Toward twilight
Activate yet another
Burning desire
Over the rainbow
Cross this zenith
And anticipate
Another approach
Whirl on multiple axial centers
Find pure gratification

Act then…
Be effortlessly free
Wildly fanciful
       Even if set apart
Tempestuously tempt us
Extract agreement from me
Sufficiently treasured
We all achieve more
At a higher rate
Of learning
Through devotion
        I wish this:

Of inspiration!

Frog Prince


I have a book in progress with a working title “Did You Really Kiss Him?”
So far it seems to be a story that might appeal to pre-teens…we will see.
The other day my friend Steph and I were sitting on her front porch discussing the last “frog-prince”  encountered. She spotted this tiny tree frog perched right in front of us on the Hostas, and i got these pictures.
I told her about how this was only the second time I had actually seen one. The first time is a story in itself. (Which I will add later)
My question is this…”How many frogs does a girl have to kiss before one turns into a prince?”
Hope someone knows the answer to this and can clue me in since I sure don’t have any idea!



Hummingbird Moth


Hummingbird moth
In a guise of tiny bird
Masscarade in nature
Lacy wings reverberate

Night creature ventures
Into sunlit garden sweet
Bergamot a favorite treat
Feeds alongside the bees

Close proximity honors me
Touch of wing upon an arm
Softly fuzzy flutters raised
Silken feathered angel gaze

Antenna sense in vibrancy
Tiny tongue outstretched…
Feeds in flight’s quick life
Simple pleasure quite divine

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I will be adding a holistic remedy and alternative rx section soon.
It has worked well for me and i hope it will help you too. In the meantime, eat as naturally and organically as possible! I highly recommend “The
Green Pharmacy” by James Duke Ph.D. as the best book i know on herbal remedies.