Wood Carvers


The Carvers

Sit quietly, contemplate; before solitary work begins
Earnestly find truthful studies, subjects learned of
See the flow, ways grains grow in each piece offered
Any tree, once alive, though its sap has quelled and dried…
Gains a new chance, some formed function in conjuntion with life

Begin by removal of all excess, slivers shaved away
Uncover all housed under; beneath blocks or slabs
Sticks chosen have figures hidden under surfaces
Release the secret suns, stars to shine, new moons
Feathered birds appear to fly high when made right

Smoothed surfaces decorated, painted and stained
Carved detail etched, extemporous shards whittled
Away with any mess, you bet; so others see clearly
Beauty is created here for anothers enjoyment also
Excitement grows, pride may swell, work done well

God helps creativity escape from our fingers freed
Weathered hands, yea, tell stories silently: a creed
Blessed, become more well known, through a need
Gab and laugh while we share experiences in deed
Lifetimes multiplied through company others lead

Sharp knives shape lives, cut into depths of wood
Aged flesh and bone begin to sing that spoken of
Stone sharpens awls, tools make grooves, lighten
Forms break through to enlighten ever more often
Experiences given, shared; repeats so many lessons
Learned as written, told in person, willing to listen
For better to hear, see, and feel together, revelation