eARTh arts


We here at eARTh central (right near the “center of the world”) are interested in everything…and everyone! We like to make jewelry, interior decorate (currently remodeling part of a house built in 1840) refinish furniture, grow vegetables and preserve them and fruits, etc… Paint on canvas or anything else strikes our fancy, have lots of pets, play with kids, mold clay or better personalities, draw pictures in words as well as pencil or charcoal, work in pastels or oil, crayon, and anything we can find laying around!
We like to sew and knit and crosstitch and make no distinction between crafts and art…woodcarvers are artists too as much as grannies who make Christmas more fun through designing snowmen, etc.
Music is of ultimate importance for whether performed, written or listened to it makes the experience more full and complete to add to our memory. We really love to dance and sing! We want you to sing along whether you can carry a tune in a tin bucket, or not.







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