Whenever we make a decicion in life we change the direction we are headed. There are only two choices. Love, or fear. Love is real. It is who we are. Fear is an illusion, just as is control, transient at best. Love is the only thing that lasts forever. Therefore, every time there is a decision to make, choose love.

10 thoughts on “Love

    • Thankyou so very much for the create-it-forward letter. It was so cool yo recieve mail from you with the many inspirational contents…and from Italy no less! I am thrilled and grateful and will certainly keep up the golden chain of create-it forward! I appreciate you Lizzie. You are beautiful in every way!!

      • You are so welcome Bev! so good to hear that you creative mail:) It’s so wonderful to connect and spread good vibes, create and share….Keep inspiring and sharing your amazing energy. I am so grateful to cross path…and maybe one day we get to go horseback riding together!!!
        Sending Peace, Love and Light
        Have a fab start of the year

        Lizzie xx

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