Full Face



Moments before sunrise,
not long before dawn
a new day truely began
as this journey started fresh
in totally crisp, cold air
with white backdrop of snow
looked up to see the source
of this brilliant light’s glow
fully whole moon shone
through tops of stripped trees
naked branches stark revealed
this face once partially obscurred
as wispy tattered clouds pass
shadows left, then disappeared
came to light in lingering night
smiled a face so gleefully at me
shines just as an angel would
to guide a sure path to heaven
saint or sinner mattered never
darkness lifted, inconsequential
for God has said He gave this light
to show all mankind through any darkest night we must traverse
the face seen, a babe so sweet
innocent, round face
Face of infant Jesus
Christmas week fast approached
Gave thanks for so many gifts
gifts given from pure grace alone
spread joy, love, laughter
ever more by morning’s star
help feed the hungry, clothe the poor
assist anyone less fortunate than us

fully whole

Hummingbird Moth


Hummingbird moth
In a guise of tiny bird
Masscarade in nature
Lacy wings reverberate

Night creature ventures
Into sunlit garden sweet
Bergamot a favorite treat
Feeds alongside the bees

Close proximity honors me
Touch of wing upon an arm
Softly fuzzy flutters raised
Silken feathered angel gaze

Antenna sense in vibrancy
Tiny tongue outstretched…
Feeds in flight’s quick life
Simple pleasure quite divine